Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tan Cracker's Soul Club (May Edition)

This Month's edition of Tan Cracker's Soul Club is set to be every bit as good as the previous 2. With 6 of the best Soul/Funk DJ's in Sydney rocking the 45's all night long for your dancing pleasure. Here is a taste


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tan Cracker's Soul Club April 24th 2010

Tan Cracker's Soul Club is a monthly night dedicated to 45's from genres such as deep funk, explosive soul and boogaloo. Below are live mixes recorded from this event on Sat 24th 2010 @ Tonic Lounge. Enjoy them all.

Gian Arpino set time 10pm - 11pm

DJ Frenzie set time 11pm - 12am

The Boogie Monster set time 12am - 1am

Robin Knight set time 1am -2am

DJ Kinetic set time 2am - 3am

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Andres- II

I really like Andres sense of mood on this LP, as he has an extreme coolness to his grooves and picks quality samples and beefs them up detroit style. A similar producer to that of Kenny Dixon Jnr aka Moodymann who has been mentioned on this blog before. This release on Kenny's Mahogani label has many great tracks inc "El Ritmo De Mi Gente", "Sing About It", "Moments in Life", "On My Own Skit" & "Love Heals being my favourites. Recorded 2009


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sugar Minott - Good Thing Going

This is the first record I ever owned (i think). I remember being about 10 years old, my mum was in hospital, and this lady that worked for my dad came over to my house with a big bag of sweets and two 7" records as presents to cheer me and my brother up. He got the Prentenders 7", I got the reggae. Score. BTW It is a cover of a Jackson 5 hit produced by The Corporation. Recorded 1981

Barrington Levy - Black Roses

Barrington Levy tends to his garden with this 7" "Black Roses" Quality Reggae. Recorded 1983

Coco Tea - Rocking Dolly

I'm starting to get a real love for reggae 45's of late. I always loved the genre but don't know a great deal about it and have never really bought it on vinyl. This one is on the roots reggae tip. Enjoy the clip. Recorded 1983

Count Bass D - Shake

"Shake" comes off his "Pre-Life Crises" LP which is blunted hiphop through and through.
Every time I here this track I picture myself driving in my convertible on a hot sunny day with a plethora of fly girls walking the streets I'm cruising down. The only thing is my Holden Commodore doesn't quite live up to my dream. Bummer! Recorded 1995 namh sayin!

Gil Scott-Heron - Real Eyes

Man o Man, I love this guy and could listen to him all day. Although I'm not a) feeling or b) understanding his latest LP "I'm New Here" which came out a couple of months ago. Lots of great music on this one however in the form of "Waiting For The Axe To Fall" and "Legend In His Own Mind". Also "The Klan" is really good being sampled by the likes of Yam Who for his Little Brother re-rub. Recorded 1980

Patrice Rushen - What's The Story?

Back to business with the music. Patrice Rushen's LP "Before The Dawn" on the seminal jazz label Prestige is where it's at today. Patrice is an incredibly talented keys player who even at a young age featured on many classic and sought after LP's. On offer here today for your listening pleasure is "What's The Story?" which is one of her most interesting dance floor tracks. I guess it's a bit of disco jazz and boogie all thrown into a great little number. One of my favs. Also the track "Kickin Back" is a great jazz funk piece which again has been sampled numerous times and is well worth your time. Recorded 1975

Monday, March 8, 2010

Minority Band - Tasty Tune

12" no. 7 from the Peoples Potential Unlimited camp. These guys release rare boogie. modern soul and disco cuts from yesteryear, giving dues to those artists or bands that never received any first time around. They have released lots of quality records and are well worth checking out. This particular 12" has the track "Tasty Tune" and it really is. Recorded 2009 (originally ?)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trus'Me - Can We Pretend

Killer nu-soul cut off this tasty LP that is very reminiscent of Omar's classic UK soul hit - "There's Nothing Like This" This one coming out on the Fat City Records label which has an incredible discography and superb record store in Manchester, now owned by Gerald from Jazzman. Recorded 2009

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Bucketheads - Bucketheads Outro

One more from the 4/4. Kenny Dope creating a stunning deep disco atmosphere with this (what we call re-edit now) sublime Bucketheads groove. Of course "The Bomb" was the bomb but if you look a little deeper from the LP he produced you'll find 3 or 4 more quality grooves. 3 of them on this 10". Recorded 1995

Billy Wooten - Chicango

Sticking with the jazzier end of dance music, this tasty little re-edit of Billy Wooten's - "Chicango" is top notch. If you own a home stereo system, play at an intimate club or punch out discerning beats on throbbing soundsystems then you need this! Recorded 2006

Cro Magnon - Black Mahogani

Cro - Magnon are a 3 piece band out of Japan that seem to have a crush on jazz/groove & disco music (don't we all). On this lp "Mellow Out & Acoustic" they perform a number of originals alongside some cover versions from artists like Roy Ayres, Clifton Davis and Moodymann aka Kenny Dixon Jnr who's classic disco/jazz tronica (excuse the genre used) is the one i'm feeling. It's virtually the same song only slightly more laid back with the use of live drums. Pour a drink, dim the lights and ease on back in your favourite chair. Recorded 2008

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mark Murphy - Sly

Sticking with the Muse Label. The scat man himself Mark Murphy has come up trumps on this moody (in a good way) jazz masterpiece. It really shows what a great journey a jazz song can take you on. Recorded 1978

Eddie Jefferson - Thank You - Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin

I am a big fan of the jazz label Muse and especially Eddie Jefferson. His version of Herbie Hancock's Chameleon is my one of my favourite cover versions. Here however he is jazzing out another cover version, this time from Sylvester Stewart aka Sly Stone. Recorded 1974

Elis Regina - Elis

Next up is a song off a Brazilian LP from the beautiful voice that is Elis. It is mostly bossa nova but has a few interesting cinematic cuts too. The track i've chosen is "Roda" which was originally penned by Gilberto Gil & Joao Augusto and covered by Sergio Mendes. IMHO this is the best version. Recorded 1966

Dread Flimstone & The Modern Tone Age Family - From The Ghetto

This is an absolute classic! It is one of those songs that at a young age (in my case back then) sweeps you off your feet and makes you say wow, TUNE! It is really soulful yet beat-y, meat-y and slightly electronic. I first heard it being played in the back room of a large club when i was 16 (mum's the word), where I instantly wanted it but never knew who the artist was or the track name for that matter. So no luck for years until I travelled to the other end of the globe and literally found a copy in the first record store i entered simply as the title is in the lyrics. It was certainly a happy day. Recorded 1991

DJ Honda - II

This record was a promo sampler that I had mailed to me while living and DJing in the UK some years back. I've loved it from the get-go and it rarely leaves my box (if my box requires hip hop). It contains 11 tracks with a smorgasbord of guest mc's including De la soul, KRS One & The Beatnuts. It's mostly easy listening alongside the occasional floor filler. Here are my picks. Recorded 1998

Sunday, January 24, 2010

GPA 80's NY NY minimix

Here is a little mix i put together for a friends website a while ago that gained some great feedback. It's only 17 mins long (shortest mix ever perhaps) but it's fun and still really enjoyable.